Pelagic food web dynamics

ISOZOO – ISOtopes of ZOOplankton to measure climate and human impacts on pelagic food webs

CLIOTOP Working Group 3, CLimate Impacts on Oceanic TOp Predators, WG3, Trophic pathways in the open ocean ecosystems

Regional Research Programs

Central Coast British Columbia

Hakai Institute: Oceanographic Monitoring, Forage Fish, Kwakshua Watershed Program, Salmon Ecosystems

Herring Early Life History Dynamics – Understanding the ecosystem service role of Pacific herring, a low-trophic level fish, in coupled social-ecological systems.

Rivers Inlet Ecosystem Study

Project Salmon Resilience: the impacts of climate change and fisheries on sockeye salmon’s genetic diversity and population resilience.

South Pacific



OUTPACE (Oligotrophy to UlTra-oligotrophy PACific Experiment)

HISPANIC – Historical and spatial variations of top predator trophic level across the south west Pacific Ocean

South Pacific Ocean Time Series (SPOT)

Chatham Rise Food Web Structure


SPECiMed – Structures of Planktonic Ecosystems in the North-western Mediterranean

DeWEX (Impacts of deep water formation on Mediterranean pelagic ecosystems)

Polar regions

Antarctic – ongoing collaboration with the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Germany.

Arctic – in collaboration with the Institute of Ocean Science (IOS)